Yao Chen, often called "China's Angelina Jolie,"  has been nominated for Time's 100 Most Influential list. She is currently starring in Divorce Lawyers, currently airing on DramaFever.  

Time said this of her: "The most followed person on Weibo (77 million), She has become a voice for public advocacy, saying at the World Economic Forum in September that social media had expanded her horizons"

Other than a rom-com actress, I had no real idea who she was, so I looked her up. What does it mean to have 77 million followers?  It means that you can make a huge impact with the smallest of words.  Yao has learned to be cautious in what she says.  She stays out of politics but talks about the things that impact her life.  Raised by her father a train driver, and her mother, a postal worker, she has a middle class upbringing that keeps her grounded.  She is considered humble and genuine by her Chinese fans who are fed up with the corruption and fake compassion that affects the world in which they live. 

Four years ago she was approached by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to be its Goodwill Ambassador in China, à la Angelina Jolie (who Yao says was one of the reasons she was inspired to accept the role).  This role and her millions of Weibo followers more than explain how she is on Time's list.  You can read more about her HERE.   

She seems more than worthy to be on their list. Forbes had her ranked 83 in their list of influential women in the world. 

While the staff at Time will make the final determination, they want you to have a say, too.

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Online voting closes on April 10, and the final list will be announced on April 16. So make sure you get busy on Twitter and Facebook if you want to make sure Yao is on the list. You can see her work in Divorce Lawyers below: