Who is the best Taiwanese drama kisser, and who is your favorite couple of 2013? The 2013 Chinese Wave Drama Awards is open to online voting now.

The 2013 Chinese Wave Drama Awards is jointly hosted by Weibo.com and Sanlih TV of Taiwan. The awards have 11 categories with 10 dramas among the contenders. Options for actors and dramas to choose from include Aaron Yan and Xue Fu 'Puff' Guo of Just You, George Hu and Annie Chen of Love Around, and Yuan-Hao Yao and Mandy Wei of Deja Vu, which you can watch all here on DramaFever.

The final votes will be weighted with online votes (30%), media critics (30%), and drama experts (40%). It's not certain who these critics and experts are, but it's exciting that online viewers get to influence the results by voting for their favorite actors and dramas. Aside from the usual Best Drama, Best Actor, and Best Actress awards, there are quite a few interesting categories that you won't see in the Oscars:

Best Tear Jerker:

One of the best measurements for a good Asian drama is of course counted by how many buckets of tears we shed for our beloved characters. Currently it's neck to neck between Annie Chen saying goodbye to George Hu at the airport in Love Around, and Puff Guo telling Aaron Yan to stay away in Just You.

Best Kisses on screen:

Can we have a romance drama without kisses? No!!! Right now the leading kiss is from Aaron Yan and Puf Guo, but George Hu and Annie Chen are close behind.

Best On-Screen Couples:

Again, it's a deathly battle between Aaron Yan/Puff Guo and George Hu/Annie Chen. I personally wouldn't mind it if both couples share this award.

Most Popular among Overseas Viewers:

This is the tightest race online right now! Only 66 votes separate George Hu and Aaron Yan. You can vote too if you join tw.weibo.com. Remember, you can only vote once a day!

Finally, who is The Most Popular Actor? This category includes both male and female actors. This is a tough one for me. All I can report is that Aaron Yan is really leading the pack now with over 62,915 votes.

We have a little over 3 days to get the votes in. There doesn't seem to be an English version of the site, but you can click right here on INSTANT RESULTS to check who's leading each category.