Last night I was watching the  BIGBANG MADE 2015 Tour Concert on DramaFever, and I just couldn't get one thought out of my head — damn, Seungri looks so hot blond! Which got me to thinking about how hot all the BIGBANG members look with blond hair. But I can't choose who makes the best blond, so I need your help. Vote now for which BIGBANG member rocks light locks the best!

1. Seungri

Seungri really shines as a blond. It perfectly suits him, makes him stand out, and matches his fun personality. 

2. Daesung

Something about being a blond really brings out the fierce in Daesung! Look at him work it! 

3. Taeyang

Taeyang is sexy always, but the blond hair gives him an extra edge that is unbearably hot. 

4. T.O.P 

T.O.P can pretty much pull off any hair color, but I wish he would add blond to the cycle more often! Just look at how suave he is!

5. G-Dragon

G-dragon has been blond the most, and I never complain when he decides to lighten things up. He keeps it fresh and unique every time.

Now that you've evaluated the evidence, it's time to vote!

Which BIGBANG Member Makes the Best Blond? free polls

Who did you vote for? Are you surprised by who is winning? Comments below! 

See blond Seungri in the BIGBANG MADE 2015 Tour Concert now on DramaFever now!


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