The popular Answer Me series is back with Answer Me 1988! Just like its predecessors Answer Me 1997 and Answer Me 1994, the series is already hard at work teasing us with the husband guessing game. If you're a fan of these shows, you know that the second lead syndrome can come on strong, and the writer loves to troll the audience with red herrings throughout the series. Now that we've met our full cast of husband hopefuls, let's talk about the odds for each one and vote to voice our opinions on who we'd like to see winning the husband game!

Warning: Some spoilers from the previous Answer Me shows below.

Here's the husband in the present, but which one is he in the past?

1. Sun Woo (played by Go Kyung Pyo)

Why we love him: He's the sweet, sensitive puppy of the series. He's always mindful of others, and he's loyal to his family. If you were #TeamChilbongie in Answer Me 1994, odds are you'll be #TeamSunWoo this time around. 

Clues in his favor: That chocolate, obviously. But then again, it's the first big hint and it was ambiguous at best, so they may be leading us down the wrong path already.

Odds of being the husband: Even if he isn't the husband, he's very obviously going to be one of the two primary contenders. They're already warming our hearts with how sweet he is, and the series tends to take the female lead's first crush pretty seriously. Only time will tell if he's there to mash our hearts or heal them.

2. Jung Hwan (played by Ryu Joon Yul)

Why we love him: He's the drama's resident bad boy. Even though everyone assumes that he's a bad kid, we already see that he has a soft heart, especially when he stands up for Sun Woo. Plus, that little smile when he saw Deok Sun during the Olympics suggests that maybe he's already harboring some feelings for her. All he needs is some love to come out of his shell!

Clues in his favor: So far, "future husband's" surly temperament matches Jung Hwan the best. Future Deok Sun says she must have been crazy to marry him, and their bickering fits the two fiery personalities. 

Odds of being the husband: He and Sun Woo are the clear front runners right now. If you look at the husbands in the past Answer Me installments, it was always the rough-and-tumble grumpypants who had trouble expressing his feelings.

3. Taek (played by Park Bo Gum)

Why we love him: Those flashbacks! Deok Sun has always been there for him, and I could definitely see him admiring her from afar. Who doesn't want to root for the lonely kid to find love?

Clues in his favor: To be honest, not much so far. The flashbacks showed why he would feel close to Deok Sun, but the future timeline doesn't line up with him at all.

Odds of being the husband: Before the series started, I think a lot of fans assumed Taek would be one of the main players because of Park Bo Gum's popularity. Now, though, the odds are dwindling unless he starts taking up much more screen time, fast.

4. Dong Ryeong (played by Lee Dong Hwi)

Why we love him: He's the goofy one of the group, and the clear dark horse. I guess if you like dorky types, he's the one for you!

Clues in his favor: Zero. I mean, he thinks Deok Sun is pretty, but that hardly counts.

Odds of being the husband: If Taek is a long shot, Dong Ryeong is basically in outer space in terms of his chances on this show. Even though his technically one of the options, we all know he's not really one of the options, right?

So now that we've met our contenders, who do you think the husband will be? Cast your vote in the poll below!

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And, because the person we want isn't the person we get, who would you like to see as the primary male lead?

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Share your thoughts about the latest husband contest in the comments below, and if you haven't met our potential husbands yet, check out the premiere of Answer Me 1988 now!