The first month of 2016 may be almost over, but it's not too late to look back on some of the craziest trends that came out of Asia in 2015! These social media buzz topics took the internet by storm, each leaving a cute or entirely weird lasting impression in not only in Asia, but also across the world. From smoking hot street vendors to rice ball-faced babies, 2015 was full of crazy trends that captivated both netizens and celebrities alike.

  Scroll down to see 8 of the wackiest trends from 2015! Do you remember all of these?

1. Heart Bangs

This hair trend went viral on social media in Korea with people posting photos of their cute heart-shaped bangs. Check out more photos of these adorable heart bangs here!

2. Geometric Dog Haircuts

This cute trend started in Taiwan, where owners would have their pooches' hair styled into shapes like squares and circles. The result is super adorable! 

For more adorable photos, click here!

3. Hot Street Vendors

The hunky street vendor trend took Asia by storm last summer! First there was Taiwan's hottest bean curd seller. Then came the fruit seller with impeccable abs. And last but not least came the Malaysian durian seller.

I'd certainly love to see this trend continue into 2016!

4. Bean Sprout Headbands

These interesting headpieces sprung up in 2015, causing a stir throughout China. From children to adults, these adorable little plastic plants became the fun new accessory to wear!

Even G-Dragon got in on this trend!

5. Rice Ball Babies

So adorable! In Japan, rice ball baby photos popped up on social media towards the end of 2015. In these posts, parents would squish the face of their babies into a triangle, a shape that resembles a rice ball. The result was super cute!

You can check out even more photos here

6. Finger Heart

Chances are you already very familiar with this one! These tiny hearts quickly became a favorite gesture among Korean celebrities over the past year, particularly with K-pop stars. It's a small movement, but there's certainly a lot of heart behind it!

7. 7-Eleven Bag Dress

This ridiculously impractical outfit from Taiwan gives a new name to reduce, reuse, recycle! 

Personally, this one is my favorite!

8. Belly Button Challenge

The belly button challenge originated online in China but quickly spread throughout Asia. Netizens claimed that being able to touch your belly button while reaching your arm around your back meant that you had a good figure. Asian celebrities also joined in on this trend, even including some Korean celebrities!

Here's EXO's Sehun successfully completing the challenge. 

Have you tried the belly button challenge? If you weren't successful, don't worry too much! Even Xiumin and Baekhyun from EXO weren't able to do it!

Which crazy Asian social media trend in 2015 is your favorite? Do you hope any of these continue on into 2016? Share your thoughts below!

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