Ever wonder how flexible the members of BIGBANG really are? During their recent fan meeting in Nanjing, China, all five members participated in an epic limbo contest, with some very hilarious results! Who knew that G-Dragon could bend like that!?

BIGBANG is currently holding a MADE VIP Tour in many cities across in China. Instead of a full concert, they use a half-fan meeting, half-concert format, which allows them to show off another fun side of themselves to their fans. It looks like everyone had a great time at the show!

Check out the entire limbo game below!

Even better, the losers had to do push-ups on a spiked mat. Check out T.O.P's awesome part below. Be sure to watch until the very end!

When it was Seungri's turn, the other members decided to interfere and pile on top of him! Oh no! T.O.P's finger hearts make it all better though.

Pretty hilarious, right? BIGBANG really is the best. Hope that made you laugh!

What was your favorite part? Are you surprised by BIGBANG's limbo skills? Share your thoughts below!

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