If you ever want to feel like you're some place but can't actually go there, videos made with this ultra high-definition 4K camera will take you there. Take a look at this tour of Harajuku. It actually feels like you're really there.

Harajuku: Known as the center of Japanese youth culture and fashion. Kids from all over Japan literally make a pilgrimage there if they're interested in fashion. From out-there, unique little stores to major international brands, Harajuku has it all. Known as the center of street fashion since the 70s, Harajuku on a weekend is packed with the trendiest and hippest of Japanese youth. During the day, the younger crowd can eat and shop wherever they please. At night, the bars and clubs entertain the older crowd. In walking distance to the just as internationally well known Shibuya district, Harajuku is also a major tourist attraction, attracting people from all over the world. Besides the youth culture, Harajuku is home to historic Meiji Jingu Shrine, founded in 1920. Millions flock to the shrine grounds for New Year's and pray for good fortune in the coming year. Basically, Harajuku has it all. Tokyo wouldn't be Tokyo without Harajuku. And now you can feel exactly what it feels like when you're actually there. Believe me, I grew up two train stations away, and this is what it looks, sounds and feels like. But quite a bit louder. And this is definitely a weekday.

Welcome to Harajuku!

Make sure to change the settings to 2160 4K on the video: