King 2 Hearts

An article posted on the Wall Street Journal website titled South Korean Soap Operas: Just Lowbrow Fun? blasts Kdrama viewers as "uneducated" people with low incomes in search of "lowbrow" entertainment. The article cites a poll of 400 viewers in China and categorized their taste in entertainment according to income and education level. The article gives "The Big Bang Theory" as an example of the entertainment preferred by more educated viewers. By contrast, Korean dramas "are characterized by the use of plot twists like... conveniently-timed car accidents that lead to temporary amnesia." The article makes no mention of the large audience of Korean drama fans in other countries such as the United States. Do you disagree with the article's statements about Kdramas and fans? You can leave a comment at the Wall Street Journal's website (and recommend your favorite drama on DramaFever) here.