The emperor has found his fair lady. Wallace Huo (Imperial Doctress) has just admitted to being in a dating relationship with Ruby Lin, the original My Fair Princess. For the usually shy leading man, his romantic confession came out in a very public way and stunned fans of Chinese dramas everywhere. How and when did two of the brightest stars fall in love? Are wedding bells ringing soon?

On May 20, a huge surprise was posted to the official Weibo account of Wallace Huo's Huajie Studio.

The post stated, "Hua said: Hope to get everyone's blessing @RubyLin"

Hua is short for Wallace's Chinese name, Huo Jianhua.

May 20 actually has a special meaning for Chinese speakers, as 5-20 is a play on "I Love You" in Chinese. Fans couldn't believe this post at first.

A minute later, a response came from Ruby.

See the bright red heart?


Simply and clearly: Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin are in love! They even declared it via social media to millions of fans.

For a real-life romance involving actors, the two stars have been moving in parallel lines which have converged ever so slowly to finally come together in love.

It's taken them 10 years to turn friendship to love.

Despite Wallace Huo's many romantic roles and his prominent status as one of the top leading men in China, this is only the second time that he has ever acknowledged a relationship. Until now, the first, and only, love Wallace has ever admitted to during his 14-year acting career was Joe Chen (Chen Qiao En), who he co-starred with in the 2003 drama 100% Senorita.

How did Ruby come into Wallace's life?

Ruby and Wallace met when they co-starred in the drama Sound of Colors in 2006, when they were young actors in Taiwan. Eventually they expanded their careers, along separate arcs, to mainland China and found great success. Ruby's breakout role was in My Fair Princess (aka Princess Returning Pearl), in 1988, as the royal princess who was lost at birth and re-united with her emperor father after enduring a long and painful journey. Wallace also found rising fame, mostly in historical and martial arts dramas, as a handsome but lonely hero who often couldn't get the girl at the end. 

Meanwhile, the two hard-working actors have kept up an excellent friendship over the past 10 years. In 2011, Ruby produced and starred in Glamorous Imperial Concubine. It was Ruby's first try as a producer and she was under tremendous pressure. Wallace decided to help by playing one of the royals who fell for the heroine. But alas, he still didn't get the girl. Viewers were impressed by his portrayal and many a heart was broken for him. The drama became a hit and Ruby won the Best Producer and Best Actress awards.

Over the years, the two friends were often linked together, but they never admitted any romantic feelings. Now that they have admitted to dating, they say it all clicked when Wallace visited Taiwan in January this year for Ruby's birthday party, as he had done frequently over the years. This time, timing was perfect, and the two long-time friends became lovers. 

Although Asian fans are usually skeptical and even critical of their favorite stars' dating relationships, it seems that fans of Chinese-language dramas everywhere are in complete approval of this real-life romance. After all, 40-year-old Ruby has a famous agreement to marry Alec Su, close friend and fellow actor from My Fair Princess, if she is still unmarried at this age. It looks like the 36-year-old Wallace has decided to lay his claim.

Could anyone not be touched by Ruby Lin's followup post after the initial shocking announcement?

Ruby wrote, "Turned out happiness has been so close to me. ~ Thank you for your blessing. I am fine."


Aren't you happy for them?

Look around you, maybe your happiness has been close to you, too.

Stay tuned for more development, as the latest word is that the two lovebirds will marry next year in Hawaii.


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