This is not a rumor! Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin just recently revealed, in very dramatic fashion, news about their dating relationship to the public, and now they're already getting married! The two top Taiwanese stars in Chinese dramas are moving at warp speed. Find out more details here.

On July 5, Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin announced that they'll be married on July 31 in Bali. The confirmation came from their separate posts on Weibo, after a sudden flurry of viral news about possible wedding plans.

He said: "Received a lot of inquiries from friends today. Yes, Ruby and I are getting married. Thanks for everyone's concern."

She said: "Yes, Hua Ge (Wallace's nickname) and I are getting married. Thanks for everyone's concern."

(They do coordinate well and sound alike, don't they?)

It sent a new shock wave among fans and media alike. This couple already unleashed tremors on an earthquake level when they admitted they were dating on May 20, confirming that their friendship blossomed into love ever since Wallace flew into Taipei and confessed his secret love at Ruby's birthday in January.

Of course the media is now in a frenzy to speculate why Wallace and Ruby are in a hurry to get married. The two stars previously denied that they would marry this year, but everywhere they were seen in public, together or separately, they couldn't escape the marriage question.

Now that the wedding news is confirmed, here comes a new wave of speculations and rumors.

Are they getting married because of, hmm, a "necessity?"

These recent photos taken on July 3 when Ruby was in Paris are pointed to by speculators as possible proof that the 40-year-old actress is showing early signs of a baby bump:

The stars are saying that they're simply too busy with their schedules and decided to get married before new projects start in August. The wedding will be a low-keyed affair attended by family and close friends.

Regardless of whether they are forced by a baby bump or busy work, fans are simply delighted that the two stars will finally seal their love with a wedding vow. 

Stay tuned for more reports on the wedding. I especially look forward to lovely photos out of Bali, that favorite destination where Wallace's good friends Nicky Wu (Scarlet Heart) and Cecilia Liu (Imperial Doctress) recently held a fabulous wedding.

Congratulations to Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin!


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