Ever since Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin announced that they are dating, they haven't been seen together in public. Imagine the sensation they caused, then, when they were caught together in public, especially when they were trying to look like regular folks.  Here's what happened.

At Hong Kong singer Sandy Lam's concert, which was recently held in Taipei, Wallace and Ruby were seen sitting in the audience. They were dressed very casually and were both wearing caps. 

The disguise to blend in obviously didn't quite work.

As soon as the two stars were recognized, the people around them started snapping photos.

Apparently Sandy Lam is Wallace's favorite singer, and Wallace flew back to Taipei to take Ruby on a concert date. 

Many stars don't want to be recognized in public, perhaps for privacy, or maybe they just enjoy being one of us. Some of them also try to hide their dating relationship. Not so with Wallace.

It was reported later that when Wallace found out that they were recognized, he simply said, "It's fine." The couple didn't hide their affection for each other. They would even stand up and sing along to the most popular songs.

The only problem was when they were leaving the concert. They are stars after all.

Wallace was seen shielding girlfriend Ruby from the converging crowd and paparazzi as they left the concert.

Many fans were impressed by how calm and protective Wallace was toward Ruby, not to mention the Imperial Doctress leading man's lean and mean physique.


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