Wang Kai and Chen Qiao-En are irresistibly in love in the romance comedy drama Stay With Me. In real life, Chinese fans and news media are keeping a close eye on the couple, as their every move in public has become fodder for discussion. 

Some time ago, Chinese fans were almost convinced that Wang Kai and Chen Qiao-En (aka Joe Chen) were dating because they were seen kissing in public. It turned out that they were filming Stay With Me.

Recently, it's been reported that the adorable couple's parents were seen getting together. It's usually a sign for something serious happening when parents enter the picture. So what happened?

In late December, Chen Qiao-En and her parents were spotted in Wuhan, the city that is also Wang Kai's hometown.

In all, Chen Qiao-En and her parents stayed in Wuhan for three days, and they were always accompanied by Wang Kai's parents as they visited around town. On one occasion, as they walked out of a restaurant, Wang Kai's mother was even seen having her arm around the beautiful actress, looking very affectionate, almost like a prospective mother-in-law hugging a future daughter-in-law. 

Wang Kai, however, was not around.

When the Wuhan news came out, it incited fervent discussion among the fans. However, the two stars previously said they were good friends and have denied that they're dating.

What do you think?

Would you like to see Wang Kai and Chen Qiao-En date in real life?

Regardless of the rumors, it's definitely fun to see them in Stay With Me:


Stay with Me - 放弃我, 抓紧我

Starring Joe (Qiao En) Chen and Wang Kai

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