Taiwanese superstar Wang Leehom was spotted in New York City yesterday in all his swoon-worthy glory. The visit has been a mysterious one without announcement or publicity. What could he have in store?

(photo by Colin Li)

The singer-actor was photographed propped up against a pillar on 27th street and 10th avenue. He also posted a mysterious photo this morning on his Weibo asking fans, "Can you guess where I am?"

That's Leehom in New York's High Line park, no doubt! But what could he be doing here? The handsome star was born and bred in New York state so perhaps he is back for a family and friends visit. Or as the current face of Coach, Leehom may be here to touch base at the company's headquarters in the city.

Our guess is as good as yours, but either way, we're crossing our fingers for a chance encounter!