Apparently, it's not just young Chinese men and women who are being pressured to marry. Harbin Polarland in northern China is also looking for wives for two lonely brothers who frolic in the Polarland's playground. Two bachelor polar bear brothers, that is.

The two polar bears are pure, wild bears from Russia and they have been living at the Harbin Polarland for 8 years. The older bear, Tangji, is 10, and the young bear, Kede, is 9. (Did you catch that their names together form the Chinese pronunciation of "Don Qixote?")

Harbin Polarland has been looking everywhere and contacting zoos around the world. The global want ad was first released on Valentine's Day and presented a humorous approach to calling attention to the urgent need to find suitable mates for these two bears. Based on the bears' ages, they are considered "mature bachelors." The problem is in finding purebred, healthy females for them. The two bears are not actually from the same parents, but are presented as brothers when they perform at the Harbin Polarland.

Here's a video showing off the two handsome hunks, complete with a bathing scene:

If you happen to know of two bachelorette polar bears, please contact the Harbin Polarland.