According to science, we humans share 99.9% of our DNA with each other. So what about the remaining 0.1%? That difference is what makes us who we are, giving us the characteristics that nobody else has in the entire universe. And what better way to celebrate ourselves than by wearing our individuality around our necks with a custom-made lambswool scarf designed with our very own genetic sequence?

Dot One, a website that designs products according to the customer's genetic sequence, has come up with a service that imprints artwork of an individual's DNA sequence onto a colorful lambswool scarf. By sending in a cheek swab sample, you can get Dot One to scan for pieces of your very own genetic code. They will then match the code to colors, creating a pattern truly unique to yourself. For fashionistas who pride themselves in wearing something that no one else does, this service is sure to satisfy their needs!  But unfortunately, the design and color coordination may not be to their liking, but that would be no one else's fault but theirs.

As fun as it sounds to own your own DNA scarf, it will set you back around 310 pounds, which is approximately 464 dollars. The price, of course, includes the DNA testing kit and photos of the weaving process. But for those who have even a tiny interest in biology and genetics, wearing this scarf will probably make you feel pretty cool. And if it doesn't, it will at least make you feel very warm.

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