Harry Potter fans rejoice! Warner Bros. has given exclusive licensing rights to Japan's largest manga, game, and anime retailer to produce a wide range of anime-style Harry Potter merchandise, and the first series of goods will be hitting the market at the end of this month.

Not surprisingly, Harry Potter has a very large following in Japan, and Japanese fans of J.K Rowling's fantasy novels recently learned some pretty exciting news. Animate, Japan's largest retailer of all things manga and anime, announced the release of their officially licensed, Japan-exclusive Harry Potter merchandise, starting with 12 plastic clear files of the cast, each one costing about 350 yen, which is a little under 3 US dollars. After this initial launch, Animate plans to sell pins, rubber straps, and acrylic key holders, all scheduled for a springtime release. Yes, fans are excited, to say the least.

For those of you wishing to get your hands on these cute little anime-style Harry Potter products, there are online retailers in Japan, but unfortunately, they only ship domestically. For now, the best bet would be to find someone who can get them for you from stores in Japan, but with widespread demand guaranteed, it's most probable that they will somehow be made available to fans around the world.

The entire Japanese anime-style Harry Potter cast