This Kingston commercial from Taiwan, "A Memory to Remember," is so touching that it is guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes. Based on a lovely true story, the video starts with a station guard noticing an old lady coming to the underground platform every day.

Day after day, the woman simply sat on the bench and never got on the train. One day, she came to the station guard and explained her story. It turned out that she met her husband 40 years ago at this station. He was a handsome, aspiring musician who was not famous, but his recording of "Mind the Gap" was used by the station to caution the passengers as they step on and off the train. After he passed, his widow has been coming to the station to listen to his voice.

Unfortunately, on this day the recording was changed to a new voice. She asked if it was possible for her to get a copy of the original recording, but of course she didn't expect that to be possible. She left the station in sadness.

The next time she came, she had her luggage and it looked that she was going away. To her surprise, when she heard "Mind the gap," it was the old recording with her husband's voice. The station guard came to her and told her they were able to restore the old recording for this station alone and also gave her a flash drive containing the recording.

This Kingston commercial is like a mini-movie. When the video became viral, Taiwanese viewers wanted to visit this station in London. They were stunned to learn this station was completely built in Taiwan. Constructed by 52 professionals, it took 84 hours, 104 liters of paint, 2,000 pieces of wood, and 9,190 ceramic tiles to build. The filming took nearly three months to prepare and eight days to film. The beautiful theme song, "It was May," was also written, composed and sung by Taiwanese musicians.Read more about the true love story here.