Hong Kong star Andy Lau has been a top entertainer for over 20 years in the entertainment world. However, some fans have accused K-pop band EXO of showing disrespect when they received the "Album of the Year" award from Andy Lau, and they point to the photo here as proof. Is that really what happened?

The 2014 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) was held in Hong Kong this year, and Andy Lau was invited to present the "Album of the Year" award. Despite his own eminent stature, Andy Lau showed every modesty when he got on stage to present the award. He thanked the organizers for inviting him. He talked about how difficult it is to produce an album, much less one that would win "Album of the Year." When EXO was announced as the winner and got on stage, Andy bowed and handed the coveted award with both hands, a most polite gesture in both Chinese and Korean traditions. However, the photo seems to show that EXO's leader Suho accepted it with only one hand, which is considered impolite at such an occasion and especially when receiving an item from a senior.

But did EXO really show disrespect to Andy Lau?

Let's take a look at the video and see what happened. If you want to fast forward, you can start from 3:23, when Andy made the announcement for the winner.

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The video actually shows that EXO members bowed to Andy Lau one by one when they got on stage. When Suho took the award from Andy Lau, he supported his right elbow with his left hand. Many fans have pointed it out as a polite, although more casual, gesture in Korea. The photo that showed a perceived rudeness appeared to be from a split second after he received the award.

In light of the dispute among fans, maybe Suho would have preferred to accept the award in both hands, just to make a clearly polite gesture. However, I don't think he meant any disrespect. What do you think?