This Chinese man's parents will probably scold him for being stupid. He met a girl while playing in an online game. She fell in love and proposed to him in a very grand way, but his reaction was very unexpected.

A beautiful woman holds up a bullhorn calling a man named Lee out.

Lee comes down as the woman's friends shout out, "Be together! Be together!"

She says: "From the first moment I met you in the online game, I've been receiving flowers daily from you. I've been living in sweet happiness everyday. After we met last time, I discovered I've fallen in love with you."

Lee says: "Are you joking?"

She says: "I'm not joking. I'm serious"

Lee says: "Oh please! What happens in the online game is not real life. I don't have a car or a house. You can find someone with better qualifications."

She actually comes prepared and says: "As long as you accept me, you can put your name on my house and my car." She hands him the car key to her Land Rover and the deed to her house.

Lee throws the key and the certificate back to her and says in disdain: "Are you sick?" He storms back to his apartment building.

It is an awkward moment for the rejected woman. She kneels down in dejected silence.

This video has been trending in China. Many netizens agree that the "loser" is actually right and he is not qualified to match the woman's looks or assets. However, some netizens also think the whole story is staged. What do you think?