Doing laundry is never fun, but we have no other choice than to get it done. However, thanks to a group of talented student inventors at a university in China, we can now work on our cardio and get stains out of our favorite shirts at the same time with the brand new b.w.m, aka the Bike Washing Machine!

Now this is something I could use! Living in New York City, doing laundry is always a pain as I carry my heavy load of dirty clothes to the local laundromat, where I'll spend around an hour reading, drinking coffee, watching a telenovela on the TV, or just staring at my clothing tumbling around in the machine. It's not exactly a productive hour, other than the fact that it's just one of those things I have to do. But now, because of a genius invention created by some students at China’s Dalian National University, I may someday be able to get some exercise while washing my own clothes without having to leave the comfort of my own home.

Named b.w.m, which is short for Bike Washing Machine, this stationary bike may become a trend of the future. At the bottom of the bike is a large drum for dirty clothes, which will start rotating once the biker starts pedaling. While all this is going on, the generated electricity can be used to power the display screen or be stored for future use. After a twenty minute bike ride, you'll feel fit and energized, and your clothes will be washed and ready for the dryer! All this is an awesome concept, but unfortunately, that is all it is right now — a concept. That isn't to say, however, that the b.w.m will never go into production someday. Exercising and is important to all of us, and so is wearing fresh and clean clothes. So why not?

My only concern is this — I've seen the super-fast spinning cycles at my laundromat. I don't think I can pedal that fast.