We told you how Michael Buble did a cover of Taeyang's "Eyes, Nose, Lips" as a warmup to his concert on February 4.  Now watch the video of what one lucky Korean fan did when he was invited up on stage with Micheal. 

Kim Ji Kwang, a 20-year-old old aspiring jazz artist, was just having a good time dancing to the music when he was noticed by Michael Buble.  Michael was so impressed that he stopped his concert and and confessed that in 33 countries, and after 174 shows, he'd never fallen in love with a man before.  He invited Ji Kwang to join him on stage, and this is what happened. 

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Wasn't that great?  I love how much fun they had.  

Ji Kwang left a comment on this video:  "I had a blast on that day we met when I had a chance to walk up to a stage and dance to your music ~ full of adrenaline rush after one of the best time of my life !!!" 

He wrote more, but you'll have to check out the original comment. Just look for "hydeist77"

Looks like Micheal endeared himself big time to his Korean fans.