To many outsiders, Japan can sometimes be a very quirky place, as seen by the many strange late night television shows and even by the behavior, customs, and sense of humor of the Japanese people. This quirkiness, however,  is what often makes certain Japanese products and inventions stand out from the rest. A video recently uploaded onto YouTube is a perfect example of this, showing ten crazy inventions that are truly Japanese.

From an edible iPhone case to a cuddly boyfriend pillow for the lonely, Japan has it all. This YouTube video shows ten crazy Japanese inventions, but the really crazy thing about it is, these aren't even the ten craziest. There are hundreds of thousands of totally absurd Japanese inventions, some made for actual use, and others made as a joke. But even the ones made as jokes are made seriously, and they are funny and original, if not practical. 

If this video cracks you up, there is a book titled The Big Bento Box of Unuseless Japanese Inventions (pictured below) by Kenji Kawakami, and I highly recommend it. It has photos and descriptions of over 200 over-the-top inventions that will have you literally LOLing and ROFLing. It is absolutely hilarious.

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Here's the book The Big Bento Box of Unuseless Japanese Inventions, one of the funniest books ever: