The Korean make-up brand created a time-log of Korean fashion for a recent Vogue exhibit.

Culture Station Seoul 284 currently boasts a large collection of Korean fashion from over 60 designers as a part of their showcase, "Mode & Moments: One Hundred Years of Korean Fashion." The exhibit is a collaboration with Vogue Korea, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Visitors are guided through each decade of Korean fashion, with a helpful look-book of information on generational influences (even provided in English). 

The first floor has visitors engage with the most avant-garde pieces from a variety of designers. This, as the program describes, is "the designer's world."

Kim Sun Ja

The second floor invites visitors to become participants in fashion. One room is constructed with the homes and fashions of different personality types.

Another is filled with outfits worn by actors, models, singers, and fashionable neighbors with a small passport that transports the viewer into that fashion experience (unfortunately not available in English). Different visitors would recognize different outfits int he room, creating a unique experience for a variety of fans.

Red Velvet Wendy's costume from the "Dumb Dumb" set.

EXO Chanyeol's blazer.

Kim Yuna's skating costume.

Adjoining this room is the Hera collaboration. Alongside these fashion has been decades of beauty looks and different make-up styles. The video highlighting these trends was made available on their YouTube channel.

The Hera video names 2016 the year of soft eye make-up and a bold red lip. What do you think? Will any of you Seoulites be checking out this exhibition?


Jealousy Incarnate

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