A young Norwegian man in California who calls himself Harald Fairhair recently created a short video by interviewing old people from around the world, filming them answering just one question for him. He then edited all the footage and uploaded the video onto YouTube. The question the elders were asked is, "If You Could Say One Thing to a Young Person..." 

When an elder gives life advice, it's often smart to listen, because they know a lot of things that time has taught them. One thing they know more than those that are younger than them, is that time goes by fast, and as you get older, the value of what's important in life (and not important) becomes clear. So when Harald and his friends went around the world and asked elders from America, Brazil, Norway, China, and Korea what they would tell a young person if they could say just one thing to them, they answered what they felt in their hearts and shared with us their wisdom. The basic message from all of them was to do what makes you happy, don't worry about what others think and be good to others. 

Sounds good to me. 

Words of wisdom: