Last night's Ultra Music Festival had some added K-pop flair when 2NE1's CL made a surprise appearance during Skrillex and Diplo's set. CL, who will be making her US debut soon, joined Skrillex, Diplo, and P. Diddy on stage for an awesome rendition of "Dirty Vibe" before launching into a remixed version of her solo hit "MTBD."

There are so many reasons to be proud of CL — she's a strong, powerful female performer, she has shown that K-pop girls don't have to be sweet and girly, and she has managed to break into the mainstream US music industry, first with 2NE1 and now on her own. And with her ultra entertaining performance last night at the Ultra Music Festival, fans can rest assured that her US debut will be just as amazing!

Watch the performance below and read about 3 ways CL made K-pop fans proud last night!

1. She is the first K-pop star to perform at the Ultra Music Festival, one of the largest music festivals in the US

Ultra Music Festival, held in Miami Florida, is the premiere venue for today's hottest electronic music. Hundreds of thousands of electronic music fans flock to Miami to get a chance to see their favorite DJs perform. CL is the first K-pop star to perform at this festival — and you can be sure that if anyone in the audience didn't know who she was before last night, they know who she is now.

2. CL held her own on stage next to veteran performers Skrillex, Diplo, and P. Diddy

But it's not enough that CL just appeared, she held her own on stage across from veteran performers Skrillex, Diplo, and P. Diddy. CL has fantastic stage presence and has been dubbed "Asia's Azalea," a nod to rap-pop sensation Iggy Azalea, after her performance. She killed the performance and gave fans much to look forward to for her upcoming US debut. 

3. She brought attention to the awesome musical and performance talent coming out of Korea right now

K-pop is becoming more and more popular around the world and is leaking into the mainstream music scene. While CL's performance was a step away from traditional K-pop, by performing so fantastically at such a well respected and watched music festival, CL is doing her part to put K-pop and Korea on the map.

You can watch the performance below!

You can also see the full-length performance HERE.

How do you think CL did? Do you think she made K-pop proud? Comment down below!