The world's first Android-only chorus performed for three days in Tokyo from February 12-15, and to nobody's surprise, the 300 smart devices were perfect, never missing a beat and singing with perfect pitch.

Sure, they're Androids, but each and every one of the Androids are all different, unique in their voices and appearances. Divided between soprano, alto, tenor and base, the 300 singing smart terminals performed a total of six songs throughout the three days at Omote-Sando Hills in Omote-Sando, including "Plaisir D'Amour," "Grandfather's Clock," and Beethoven's Symphony No. 9. The sixth song was conducted by a concert-goer who stood in front of the smart devices and waved her arms as the chorus reacted to the movements and sang away. 

This high-tech concert chorus took one whole month to set up, with most time being taken up by the synchronization process, but the results were even better than expected, as the singers performed perfectly without a hitch. Now come on, let's put some emotion into it!

Android Chorus Medley

Singing Androids

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Official poster: "300 Android characters sing in a chorus. The world is fun because we are all different."