What is a bento? It's a takeout or home-packed meal, usually lunch, that is original to Japan but has become popular in other parts of the world for its balanced nutrition and compact cuteness. There are even websites for ordering bento box containers here in the USA. Recently, popular Japanese YouTube channel Miniature Space went into their toy kitchen and made a tiny bento box lunch that is realistically only one bite, but still looks delicious. 

Here are the six simple steps to making one yourself!

1.  Grab yourself a bottle of water and set it to the side. Later, it will be clear as to why.

2.  Put your rice on to cook to the consistency you like. I prefer mine sticky.

3.  Cut up meat and veggies, and keep simple cuteness in mind. (Check out that carrot "heart" in the video. Aw!) I'm liking the looks of that chicken, cucumber, and pickled radish, but of course, use the foods you prefer.

4.  Beat one quail egg, heat your pan, and fry it up. Mini-omelet, anyone?

5.  Give your chicken a quick round in a deep-fry. If you're using beef or fish, you might like it better sashimi-style and that's okay.

6.  Unscrew the top off of your bottle of water and use it to start building your one-bite bento box lunch. No additional dish or utensils necessary AND you've got something to wash that bite down with, haha. :) (Yes, the bottle in the video is empty, but it makes more sense to me to add a drink up in the mix.)

Even though the Miniature Space channel has been in existence for less than two years, it has grown an impressive following of nearly a million subscribers and racked up hundreds of millions of views. I've been a fan since last year and I'm hoping they're around for a long time.

There's something fascinating about watching the creativity that happens in this tiny world and knowing, at the same time, that you can eat it. 

Video screencaps: Stephe Thornton

Stephe is a fantasy and paranormal writer who lives for Anime, Doctor Who, telenovelas, and Asian dramas. She co-founded Cloud USA, a Rain (비) fan site for English speakers, with her best friend Terri and enjoys sharing interesting tidbits on DramaFever in her spare time.

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