Not only is Olympian Misha Ge a rising star in world of ice skating, but he is also a huge fan of K-pop! He's performed to a variety of K-pop songs during exhibitions, including G-Dragon and Taeyang's "Good Boy," EXO's "Overdose," and B.A.P's "Warrior." This talented and multilingual skater represents Uzbekistan, and his overflowing passion and energy have won him a dedicated fan base. 

Sit back and enjoy these fantastic K-pop-themed performances by Misha Ge!

1. Gangnam Style (Psy)

You've never seen Gangnam Style quite like this! The remix at the end is an excellent touch. 

2. Good Boy (G-Dragon and Taeyang)

Misha totally nails the Good Boy dance! Even better, he performed this while in Korea, and the audience completely loved it!

3. Crooked (G-Dragon) and Gentleman (Psy)

Running around like G-Dragon does in the Crooked music video sure takes some skill to pull it off on the ice! Misha's hair in the video also makes him look even more like a K-pop star. 

4. Miracles in December (EXO)

The artistry in this performance is amazing! I could watch this all day long. 

Enjoy a lighthearted romantic comedy about a lovesick pushover who tries to win over the girl of his dreams with Fool’s Love:

5. Warrior (B.A.P)

Perfection! I especially love when Misha breaks it down halfway through the number. This was the first K-pop cover I saw by Misha Ge, and I instantly fell in love with his skating and unique flair!

6. Gentleman (Psy)

Misha's outfit and dance moves are perfect for this song!

7. Overdose (EXO)

Misha's dance moves are once again spot on! Can you imagine EXO trying to pull off their dances on the ice? I would pay good money to see Misha try and teach them how to skate!

Misha sure knows how to entertain a crowd! I particularly love his covers of the G-Dragon and EXO songs!

Not only is Misha a fantastic skater and performer, but he's also a lot of fun on social media. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram! I hope we'll see more great K-pop performances from him in the future!

Which video is your favorite? Also, what other K-pop songs would you love to see him skate to on the ice? Please share your thoughts below!

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