When 70-year-old Japanese woman Tomoko walked onto the stage wearing a kimono on Italia's Got Talent, the judges and audience had no idea what to expect. But after her very beautiful and awesome performance, they were all on their feet, showering Tomoko with a thunderous standing ovation that almost brought the talented contestant to tears.

Most of us have seen super-talented little kids appear on performance-based reality shows around the world, dancing and singing away in front of bewildered crowds, but not so much when it comes to the other end of the spectrum, like 70-year-old Tomoko, a woman from Japan who recently appeared on the popular show Italia's Got Talent. When Tomoko walked on stage in her beautiful kimono and stood in front of a mysterious set piece behind her, no one in the entire auditorium had any idea what they were about to see. After getting interviewed by the judges in her fluent Italian, Tomoko proceeded to take off her kimono and reveal a super-fit body, as she walked up to the now-revealed pole at the center of the stage. Then, as Florence and the Machine's "Leave My Body" played in the background, she jumped on the pole to give an amazing pole dance for the whole world to see. 

Needless to say, her performance captivated the judges and audience, who got up on their feet and gave Tomoko a heartfelt standing ovation. Besides the amazing pole-dance itself, there was no doubt that everyone there that night and the millions who watched it on television, and now on YouTube, were inspired by her passion and desire to do what she loves, no matter what age she is. It is true, as I'm sure Tomoko would attest to — age is really just a  number.