North Korea isn't often willing to share anything at all, so a new, fascinating video showing Pyongyang, the capital, has caught the eyes of curious web users from around the world.

"Enter Pyongyang," a collaboration between JT Singh and Rob Whitworth, shows a colorful, modern, bustling city and its citizens as they go about their daily lives. In beautiful time-lapse fashion, we are brought into workplaces, train stations, and even a skatepark. We see giant monuments and buildings, and countless people as they commute past them.

What we see in the video does not seem to fit with what little we hear about the country, which makes it all the more eerie and interesting. It's a glimpse into the daily lives of the people of Pyongyang, an extremely developed city compared to others in North Korea, with "glimpse" being the key word.

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The filmmakers were "closely assisted by two guides from the National Tourism Administration" during their stay, and they were given certain restrictions on what they could film, though they state that they were given "relatively free reign." Regardless of what we see in the observational video and what really goes on, it's certainly interesting to take a look inside a city we've hardly seen at all.