A very lucky baby was safe after he climbed out of a second story window and fell. He was caught by a man who saw him from across the street and rushed over to catch him. The man's quick thinking was captured by CCTV. This incident took place in Zhongshan in Guangdong province of China.

Here's the video:

A witness explained that while the mother was out, a thunderstorm started and the baby was crying and looking for his mother. Upon hearing about her baby's fall, the mother rushed right over and got her baby back.

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Mr. Li was actually taking shelter across the street from the pouring rain. He raised his head to look around and saw the naughty baby barely holding on to the second story window. He immediately ran across the street to be ready to catch the baby. Others tried to offer assistance. One woman brought over a small sofa chair. Another brought over cardboard. Another man also came over to help catch the baby. No sooner than that, the baby fell right into Mr. Li's arms.