Ready for the least fun beer commercial ever? We found this beer commercial from North Korea to be a little hypnotic, and a little sad. And long. But if you've ever been curious about what a commercial for alcohol in North Korea looks like, take a look below! We've even translated it for you, so you too can be assured that Dae Dong Kang beer is manufactured in an orderly manner, its safety thoroughly cleared: Translation: The Pride of Pyongyang
Dae Dong Kang Beer
나라의 최대음료생산기지
The country's greatest beverage production base
Dae Dong Kang Beer Factory
Polished rice beer
발효도가 높고
High Degree of Fermentation
Soft and tender
상쾌한 맛
Refreshing taste
그맛의 깨끗함과
That clean taste
특히한 향미
That special flavor
고유한 풍격으로
With that innate characteristic
아낌없는 찬사와 호평
comes unsparing praise and favorable reviews.
순결하고 아름다운
Pure and beautiful
대동강의 흐름을 련상
Dae Dong Kang flowing conjures colors and sounds.
Oh. So refreshing!
정연한 품질관리체게
Orderly quality control
Set up
국제규격화기구 (ISO 9001)의
International Organization for Standardization's
품질 인증 획득
Acquired quality assurance
제품의 품질및 위생안전성
The quality of the product's sanitation and safety
철저히 담보
has been thoroughly cleared.
Nutritional contents
탄수화물, 단백질, 비타민B2, 광물질
Carbohydrates, protein, Vitamin B2,  mineral matters
조화롭게, 풍부하게, 균형있게
In harmony, plentiful, balanced.
기호성을 가진다
There is palatability
악리작용: 스트레스해소
It works like music, alleviating stress
리뇨작용(웅, 응)
인민들의 건장장수에 기여
Contributing to the people's robustness and longevity
수도에 생겨난
Created in the capital
새로운 풍경
A new landscape
나날이 발전하는
Developing day by day
우리의 자랑
Our pride
Dae Dong Kang Beer