Chinese censors are usually quick to delete undesirable information from internet users, but in this case, they didn't catch it quick enough. An outspoken, young TV show host on China's Hubei Television channel was recently admonished openly on a live show when he complained about the corruption of government officials. All of a sudden he was replaced by another show host. Although the original video has been deleted, we have located a copy.

After video of shoddy schools and grand new government buildings, Cui Jianbin of Longshang Channel, an online news show focused on agricultural news and sponsored by Hubei Television, starts complaining about corrupt high officials who waste people's money.

At 1:50, he suddenly says to someone unseen, "Please let me finish, okay?"

He is about to say something else, but is apparently told to get off. He walks away.

The show then cuts to a pleasant playback of his past interview with farmers.

At 2:39, a young woman is seen putting her mike on.

She says, "I will continue to report the news."

Ironically, this video was still uploaded online initially but was then taken down. However, copies of the video had already been shared by other sites. Many online commenters expressed support for Cui and also concern for him and his job. At this time, Cui is apparently still employed by the show, and he later used Weibo, a Twitter-like Chinese service, to express thanks to his supporters and said his job has not been affected.