ABC News recently did a TV segment on K-pop's popularity throughout Asia. From the synchronized dance moves to the years spent in training academies like SM Entertainment, this video covers some of the unique aspects of the K-pop industry.

ABC Reporter Joo Hee Cho attended a TVXQ concert in Japan, commenting on the 50,000 fans in attendance and the large profits gained from these massive productions. Korean entertainment, including both music and dramas, are dominating the pop culture scene throughout Asia.  

The video also explores some of the reasons as to why the K-pop model has been so successful in Asia. The large investment in human resources and production helps to prepare the idols to not just be musicians, but also entertainers. The emphasis on training and preparation cultivates confident and talented performers.

SM Entertainment trainee Mark Lee commented on his experiences under this system. “Being an entertainer is not only about singing and dancing or rapping. You have to be able to entertain people. You have to be able to speak fluently and be able to be funny and humorous so people will like you.”

Additionally, the use of large, well-trained groups also helps to minimize investment risk in case an issue arises with one of the members. 

Be sure to check out the full video here!

What do you think makes the K-pop model successful? Please share your thoughts below!

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