There are currently at least six million Americans living overseas, many of whom have adapted to their resident countries as their own. One of those Americans happens to be Anaya, a beautiful eight-year-old girl whose parents teach English in Korea. Her proud mom recently posted a video online of Anaya speaking to her cab driver in Korean, and the girl's speaking ability is impressing people all around the world.

One day, Anaya and her mother, who teaches English in Korea with her husband, were on their way home in a taxi cab. When the cab driver started speaking to Anaya in Korean, she responded like a native, much to the Korean man's delightful surprise. Despite the few words she may have heard incorrectly, she goes back and forth with the driver, telling him about how she was called a princess when she was just two years old and how her mother is pregnant! The mother, of course, has no idea what her daughter's telling him!

According to the mother, this special moment was captured almost two years ago when Anaya was six years old. They are still in Korea, where Anaya goes to a local Korean elementary school. Her language skills have apparently improved even more since when the video was taken, and the mother is rightfully very proud of her awesome daughter. "Korean is one of the third hardest languages for English speakers to learn!" wrote the mother in a post. "How many little black girls do you know personally that can speak Korean?" Those are the reasons Anaya's mother gives for thinking that her daughter is awesome. She is right, indeed, but the mother is pretty awesome, too. She seems to be raising a friendly, cultured human being. 

"We put this video up as a way to show the benefits of raising your children abroad," wrote Anaya's mother. "This is meant to be a positive video to promote awareness that black people are traveling the world and our children are the products of our travels. We want to encourage others that it is possible!"

Korea, after all, is home to little Anaya. She moved there when she was one.

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