Yes, animals do LOL! A video of an adorable arctic fox has recently gone viral, showing him laughing out loud and even rolling on the floor, and it's a sight that will definitely brighten up your day. 

Archer is a 4-year-old arctic fox with a laugh that has to be seen to be believed. According to Archer's owner, 25-year-old Kristina Shafer of Michigan, Archer is a very happy fox. After getting Archer from a breeder when he was a pup, Kristina has raised him well, enough so that Archer can now sit on command. Because he is a fox, however, there are things that he doesn't do so well, like knowing where not to relieve himself. That, and the patience and supervision required to raise Archer, is the price Kristina is willing to pay to live with such a joyful animal. Apparently, whenever Kristina's boyfriend laughs, Archer starts giggling, then will just crack up and start laughing out loud. When he hears happiness, it makes him happy too. And his happiness, in turn, makes Kristina and anyone that's around Archer even happier!

And when you watch him laughing, you'll know exactly what I mean. Too funny! 


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