This delightful video was taken on a girl's first day at a kindergarten. She's clearly worried. The boy sitting next to her, however, is very comforting and reassuring. The video has been trending in Taiwan and people are commenting how 'manly' this little boy is. Their hilarious dialogue has struck a chord with the viewers and the video has become very popular.

Remember, it is not a commercial. The kids in the video are real and they were talking naturally, not acting.

What else can a girl ask for? This boy is clearly a knight who is patient and reassuring, and said his now iconic line 'You don't need to worry, I'll protect you.' for a 5 whopping times. Would a real-life hero be as kind and comforting?

By the way, the original video was taken around 3 years ago, but the kindergarten has only just released it this year when the kids graduated, and it's released with the parents' permission, according to Taiwanese news.

All I can say is, I wish I had a guy as confident and protective as this little boy. I'm sure this awesome boy will continue to protect his friends.