I remember studying English for the first time, and our teacher (a nice American lady) asked each of us what our Chinese names were and spelled them out phonetically in English. Later, many students would go on to pick another name by using a real word in English. However, some names may not be appropriate, as the folks at Stopkiddinstudio have made a helpful video to give advice to their Taiwanese friends.

This situation could affect many people who decided to pick a name in English or in another language. It's really all about understanding the differences in cultures. On the other hand, I think "Echo" is quite unique and acceptable as a name. What do you think?

I remember helping non-Chinese friends translate their names into an appropriate Chinese counterpart. I would find a good word that has a similar sound and embodies a good meaning. Glad they trusted me; I could have given them words that had a dubious meaning.

Have you ever thought of getting another name, especially when you learned a different language? Do you wish you had a different name?

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~ NancyZdramaland