Do you remember your reaction to the first K-pop video you ever watched? Watching other people react to popular K-pop videos is sure to take you back to that first time you ever saw a music video with a group of guys dancing in a box with fancy lighting!

YouTube channel Fomo Daily recently uploaded a series of videos in which Americans watch K-pop music videos for the first time. Their opinions might surprise you!

Some of the music videos they reacted to include BTS’s "Dope," EXO’s "Overdose," Big Bang’s "BangBangBang," and CL’s "Hello Bitches." A good choice of music videos as these are some of the most watched K-pop videos on YouTube. Be sure to check out their channel for even more videos!

Both genders seemed to enjoy the videos overall. Watch the videos below to see for yourself what these Americans had to say about K-pop!

Did you have a similar reaction to your first K-pop video? If you were to introduce K-pop to your friends, which ones would you choose?