A young Chinese woman stepped on stage and said she was going to play the piano. With her pretty face, long black hair, and pearly white gown, 20-year-old Jeng Gui Gui exuded the image of a poised young debutante playing the grand piano. But the stage was on the set of China's Got Talent, and Gui-Gui was playing the beautiful piano music with no fingers on her right hand. And there's more about her that will astound you.

As the captivated audience watched Gui Gui playing the melodious piano piece Souvenirs D'enfance by Richard Clayderman, the camera panned to her hands. It's almost inconceivable, until you see it, that she's able to strike the keys and perform the music perfectly and beautifully. Her right hand is just a stub without any fingers.

Two years before her performance, Gui Gui had never seen a piano. She said she was shocked to find that such an instrument could produce lovely sounds. She instantly fell in love with it and wanted to learn.

It wasn't easy for Gui Gui to learn to play the piano, to say the least, but she was determined. She had to ride a bicycle for 40 minutes to get to a practice studio. She worked harder than anyone else. If a regular student practiced one hour, she would practice for three hours. When other students were taking breaks, she would continue to practice. Her teacher was touched by her dedication and wanted to waive her tuition, but she refused because she wanted to be treated the same as everyone else.

After the performance, one of the judges asked her,

"I believe everyone has seen your uniqueness. Can you please tell us about your misfortune in brief?"

Gui Gui replied,

"I don't think I'm unfortunate."

Another judge asked what motivated her.

Gui Gui said,

"In the beginning, it was the sound of the piano that moved me, so I just wanted to learn to play it well. After I started playing, I realized Heaven blessed me with a pair of wonderful hands."

Before tears burst out of your eyes, there is one more touching piece of her story that we feel compelled to share with you.

Gui Gui was born with her condition. She is one of three daughters in her family. Once, her father was advised by a friend to throw away this disabled child. Her father resolutely refused. He said, "I have three daughters, but I feel the closest to Gui Gui because of her disability." He also believed that she would become successful in life. Gui Gui was deeply affected by what her father said, and she was determined to prove that her father's decision in keeping her was right, that one day she would make him proud.

Another judge commented that he believed she played with her heart. He asked, "What's your greatest dream?"

Gui Gui said, "To be an excellent preschool teacher and be able to play beautiful music for the children."

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Yes, Gui Gui, we believe you will achieve your next dream because you have already achieved a dream that most people would have thought impossible.