About a month ago, I wrote a story about a recent finding by scientists that claimed that your pet cats are actually plotting to kill you. Well, a video has surfaced which shows that killer instinct in action, but instead of the victim being the kitten's human owner, the unfortunate recipient of the flurry of punches and brutal attempted murder is a new stuffed tiger that just moved into the home.

Smokey is one upset cat. Quite possibly angered over the fluffy tiger invading his territory, a kitten has been filmed repeatedly punching a tiger doll in the nose. What's amazing about this hilarious video besides Smokey's rage and hatred for his new housemate is the precision at which he strikes the tiger with his punches, which would be sure to knock, out or even maim, many animals on this planet. He even holds onto the fridge with one paw while trying to punch the lights out of his new enemy. Unfortunately for Smokey, the tiger's just a cuddly doll, and his lightning-quick boxing skills do absolutely nothing. 

No doubt Smokey is plotting as we speak how to eliminate the threatening menace that's invaded his once happy life.

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