Answer Me 1997 fans can jump for joy because the first teaser for the spin-off series, Answer Me 1994 has finally been released.

While only thirty seconds long, the teaser gives fans a glimpse of the same retro feel that they came to know and love in the original series. The male cast members stare intently at a book, trying to figure out what the hidden picture is, before having a girl comment that they're reading it upside down. We can already tell from the teaser that this drama is shaping up to be a charmer!

Answer Me 1994 will star B1A4's Baro, Yoon Yun Suk, Jung Woo, Go Ara, and many more. The full drama will be starting on October 18th so don't forget to set aside some time to watch and sign up for episode alerts, if you haven't already, right HERE.

Meanwhile, check out the hilarious clip below!