The giant yellow rubber duck, a 55-foot tall artistic display created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, exploded right in front of a shocked crowd in the harbor of Keelung, Taiwan, on New Year's Eve. The duck had only "lived" for 10 days. During its short life, it encountered a surprising series of troubles.

Right from the first day of display, the duck was streaked and covered by blackened soot from the pollution of nearby plants and passing ships. Authorities tried to clean the duck with water sprays at first, and finally succeeded with an authorized cleanser. However, on December 31st, the giant duck suddenly exploded in front of a crowd of visitors, causing a horrendous slash along the side of its face down to the body, becoming a "flattened" duck.

Here's the video captured by cctv:

When this most unfortunate duck first swam into Keelung, the Dutch artist, Hoffman, was not there to welcome it as he was angered by what he alleged to be the rampant commercialization and unauthorized products which were promoted by the Keelung committee that oversaw the rubber duck's visit.

There are several theories about why the duck exploded. It is speculated that the air pressure was too high inside the duck and it was not adjusted to match the volatile temperature changes outside. Another theory is that a flying eagle's claws had pierced the duck's skin causing the tear and explosion. Yet another theory is that the cleaning process may have damaged or weakened the stitching. Authorities are currently conducting an "autopsy" to determine the true cause and will work on repairing the duck to resurrect it.