We have new photos and a video of Taipei Zoo's baby Panda, Yuan Zai. The five-month old Yuan Zai weighs more than 33 pounds now. He's very active and has a keen sense of curiosity. The other day, Yuan Zai was trying out some Spiderman moves to break out of his cage and he made it pretty high before encountering an unavoidable enemy.

Look at him climb. He's almost there, but oops...

He is defeated by gravity and falls down on his butt.

Fortunately he is cushioned by his soft and furry behind.

Here's the video. Feel free to laugh aloud at the hilarious climb and fall. (It occurs during the first minute of the video.)

The zoo now has a live webcam on Yuan Zai, and it's so mesmerizing to watch that people were upset when it was shut down just for one day due to some construction at the zoo.