Today was your first day of school, but you’re already started counting down for the weekend. We have something that’ll make your weekend extra special: Revenge Note. This rom-com, starring Astro’s Cha Eun Woo and actress Kim Hyang Ki, is the most binge-worthy show at the moment, because we dropped the entire series last Saturday.

Ho Gu Hee (Kim Hyang Ki) may get teased and bullied in school, but her brother’s best friend is a K-pop idol. Cha Eun Woo, starring as the boy band Astro member, frequents his best friend’s house to chill and also to see Gu Hee, his secret crush. Gu Hee is clueless to his feelings, preoccupied with her first love Shin Ji Hoon (Park Solomon) and revenging on her bullies through the mysterious “Revenge Note” app. Watch the adorable Gu Hee and Ji Hoon couple on the way to school.

But Ji Hoon and Gu Hee’s budding romance is a joy to all but Eun Woo.

What will be the end of their romance? Gu Hee’s bullies? Check it out yourself on Revenge Note. And when you’re done with ‘Revenge Note,’ continue onto the second season, which premieres on DramaFever tonight. With four new episodes rolling in every Tuesday, ‘Revenge Note’ will ease that back-to-school stress.

Catch the first episode of ‘Revenge Note’ season 2 tonight on DramaFever, and add ‘Revenge Note’ season 1 to your watchlist to binge over the weekend!

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Revenge Note

Starring Kim Hyang Ki and Kim Hwan Hee

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