Louise, a beautiful 8 month old baby girl who suffers from Albinism, has severely impaired eyesight. She used to react to her mother when her name was called or when she heard a clap, but now thanks to a special pair of glasses, Louise saw her mother's face for the very first time, and the heartwarming moment was caught on video, receiving 7.5 million views on YouTube in a little over a week.

At around two months,Louise was diagnosed with Oculocutaneous Albinism. This genetic condition affects the production of melanin, which impacts the skin, hair, and eyes. The lack of pigment in Lousie's irises prevented them from from completely blocking light from entering her eyes, which was taking away her ability to see things, including her mother's face. 

Up until now, all communication was done with sounds, smells, and touch. But Louise was given a special pair of glasses, and now, she has the gift of sight, enabling her to see the world around her, and most importantly, she can now see her mama's face. Her mama, Megan McMorris from Denver, captured the special moment on video, and shared it with the world by posting it on YouTube. Unfortunately, the video lasts only 15 seconds, making you wish it was a lot longer. But for those that want to see more of Louise, there is also a video of her listening to her mama sing "Amazing Grace," and her expressions will make you fall off your chair. 

Just way too cute.

Baby Louise