Lucky me, I just started watching Breaking Bad on Netflix a few weeks ago! For the past few years, I kept hearing about how amazing it was, and I just never had the time or the opportunity to really get into it. Well, I finally started watching, and everyone was right: it is a great show. I must confess though, I have yet to see Disney's Frozen, which I'm thinking I should have because Walter and Jesse are covering one of Anna's songs in this parody animation.

This three-minute parody clip of Breaking Bad and Frozen was created by the team over at Animeme, a collective of talented writers and animators. With so many of them fans of Breaking Bad, when one of them came up with the idea of doing this parody, they all jumped right on it and made this hilarious "Do You Want to Build Meth Lab?" video.

Check it out. (Warning: Series spoilers)

Breaking Bad 

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