During BTOB's live performance of "It's Okay" on M!Countdown this week, member Minhyuk had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. Upon finishing his solo rap, his sudden dance moves caused his tight pants to rip, exposing his bright red underwear underneath! Even worse, he was right at center stage when it happened, making the incident all the more noticeable. Luckily he was was still able to finish the performance, although he did have to use some more modest dance moves. 

Afterwards Min Hyuk posted an amusing apology on his Twitter account. He lamented that his manager had packed him bright red underwear for the show.

“Early yesterday morning, before we came down to Gwangju, our manager hyung packed my underwear. He says he deliberated between that and leopard print. Ah..hyung..” He also added, “I guess this is what happens when you write a song titled ‘Open'…" "I’m ‘Okay.’ Everyone, please show a lot of love for ‘Open.’ #TurnaCrisisIntoanOpportunity.”

You can watch the hilarious incident below! Skip forward to 2:24 to see Minhyuk rip his pants.

Pretty funny, right? While embarrassing, I hope this can help BTOB promote their new single "It's Okay." It's also great to see Minhyuk being such a good sport about it!

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