Many of us dream of what it would be like if we were to become a K-pop star...the fame, the glamor, the fun...but what does it really take for someone to become a superstar in such a highly competitive world? There are so many different aspects that a K-pop trainee must work on just in order to debut, let alone become a superstar! Could you handle the pressure? Well, Buzzfeed's Steven was willing to take on the challenge in order to make his dream of  K-pop stardom a reality. Check out what it takes for a K-pop hopeful to become an idol as you watch Steven's transformation and get the inside scoop from f(x)'s Amber Liu!

Watch what Steven had to go through to become the idol he has always wanted to be! The following video also features f(x) member Amber Liu as she cheers on Steven and reveals some insider information on the world of K-pop.

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