On November 10, one of Japan's longest-running mangas, Naruto, ended with its final episode for Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. Fans in Japan and all over the world lamented the end of a story that went on for 15 years, with continuous episodes every single Monday. One fan in Canada showed her love and appreciation for the popular manga by creating her own special version, and it's managed to impress even the most serious of Naruto fans.

Sakimi Chan, a digital artist from Canada, made a name for herself by creating illustrations of Disney characters if they were the opposite sex. This time, she arranged Naruto characters in a fantasy, American comic style, and she is getting rave reviews from fans all over the world. Out of all the characters, her take on Hinata seems to have impressed the most. Manga fans can be hard to please when they're faced with recreations, and no one has raised discontent so far.

What really pleased worldwide Naruto fans was the video Sakimi Chan shared, which shows her entire process of drawing Hinata, from beginning outline to finished piece. If you go on the creator's crowd funding site Patreon, you can watch tutorials narrated by Sakimi Chan herself and even see her other work. She has a Facebook account, and you can go to sakimichan.deviantart.com to see more of her work.

The story of Naruto may be over, but the spirit lives on in the hearts of fans and artists all over the world.




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